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Order CUSTOM Photo Puzzles

Orders received now will be filled mid to late January


The estimated production time for the Custom puzzles varies from 7 days to approximately 2 weeks and it can be longer during the holiday season. This does NOT include shipping time.  Some of the factors involved are the time of day the order is received, the number of puzzles to be made, the chipboard to be cut, the schedule for the press based on the different sizes. For example if the cutting die for 1000 piece puzzle is on the press, we'll do all the orders that have requested that size puzzle. Then the cutting die is changed for the next size.

If you have a deadline, please note your time frame in the comment section and we'll let you know if we can accommodate your request. There is just the two of us running our shop and fillings orders. We appreciate your patience.

30 pieces: The simple, index-card sized puzzle pieces are ideal for young children, as well as adults who are easily frustrated or struggle with limited sight or mobility. Approximate puzzle size: 13" x 19"

Magnetic 48 pieces: A fun little puzzle that you can build on the fridge or many metal surfaces. These puzzles are made with a rubberized magnetic backing and come packaged in a handled pillow box. Approximate puzzle size: 5" x 7"

100 pieces: Bigger pieces and lots of different shaped pieces, including the dog bone piece.  Great for children just starting school and anyone looking fa a relaxing puzzle experience.  Approximate puzzle size: 13" x 19"

175 pieces: Featuring pieces with intermediate difficulty, this size is perfect for school age children and adults looking for an alternative to tiny pieces. Approximate puzzle size: 13" x 19"

300 pieces: The puzzle design that started it all!  Perfect as puzzle for an evening or one to taking in a suitcase.  It even includes  signature P. T. P. piece shapes. Fun without the frustration. Approximate puzzle size: 13" x 19"

300 X-LG pieces: Easier to handle and easier to see with Extra Large pieces.  Fun, random piece shapes, including a dog bone, will keep your interest and stimulate your brain.  Full sized puzzle assembles to standard frame size of 18" x 24".  Recommended for ages 10 and up.

500 pieces: Designed especially for puzzle enthusiasts who enjoy random, free-style piece shapes. With an average difficulty level, this size is best for adults and experienced young people. Full sized puzzle assembles to standard frame size of 18" x 24".

1000 pieces: Designed to challenge even die-hard puzzle fans, these pieces mimic the classic rows & columns of European puzzles. Puzzle measures approximately 20" x 28" when fully assembled. Recommended for experienced puzzler-ers aged 12 and older.