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    How to glue puzzles

    How to Glue a Puzzle

    1. Slide sheets of wax paper under assembled puzzle (picture side up) to protect table.
    2. Brush a thin coat of clear drying craft glue on the face of the puzzle.
      1. Thicker glue is better - click here to buy our puzzle glue, though Mod Podge also works well.  The moisture in watery glues (like Elmer's) will make puzzles curl as they dry.
      2. Bristle brushes will leave brush strokes when the glue dries.  A foam brush (like this) will give a smoother surface.  If your brush doesn't fit in the glue bottle, pour small amounts on the front of the puzzle to brush into a thin coat until the entire face of the puzzle is covered.
    3. Let this dry completely. We recommend gluing puzzles on days with low humidity to speed drying and reduce the possibility of curling.
    4. Once the first coat has dried completely, apply a second thin coat the same way.
    5. When this second coat has dried, the wax paper should come off easily and the puzzle is ready to hang - click here to buy our hanging kit - adhesive hangers will also work, the adhesive sticks better to puzzles that do not have the back glued.
      1. Gluing only the front is usually adequate.  For added durability, repeat the process on the back of the puzzle.