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    Please note: We are no longer making custom puzzles.


    How do I glue a puzzle?

    1. Slide wax paper under the assembled puzzle.

    2. Pour a small amount of glue that dries clear on the face of the puzzle (Mod Podge works well).

    3. Use a piece of cardboard, brush, or rubber spatula to push the glue across the puzzle. This should force the glue into the cracks, leaving very little on the surface and reducing the possibility of the puzzle curling when dry.

    4. Repeat numbers 2 & 3 until the face of the puzzle has all the cracks filled with glue.

    5. Let the glue dry.

    6. Flip the puzzle over onto new wax paper, pull off and discard the used wax paper. To avoid curling, apply a very light coat of glue to the back.

    7. Let dry.

    8. Apply another coat if you want the puzzle more rigid.

    9. Several ways to display your puzzle:

    -Put 2 eye screws into a strip of wood, then glue the wood to the back of the puzzle and hang with picture wire.

    NOTE: This gluing method may not be appropriate for foil or other puzzle surfaces. If in doubt, check with the manufacturer for their recommended procedure.

    What does it mean that my order is now "Pending"?

    We change the order status to "Pending" after we've printed out your order and list it on the manufacturing calendar.  This is the first step of the process.